At Boward we offer both Commercial and Domestic services, ranging from the simple pruning of tree's to site clearance for large companies and industrial works. Contact us to request your free quotation.

A complete list of our services:


  • Trees often outgrow their locations. Crown reduction can solve the problem without removing the entire tree. This kind of pruning must be done with care, having regard to the correct shapefor the species and minimising the damage caused by overlarge or incorrectly positioned cuts.
  • Thinning

  • The reduction of leaf density allows passage of wind through the tree with greatly reduced risk of damage. Sunlight penetration is also increased.
  • Lifting/Overhang Reduction

  • This type of pruning is done to minimise damage caused by trees overhanging buildings, highways and especially where trees intrude from adjoining land.
  • Deadwood Removal

  • This is done on its own or in conjunction with all other pruning operations. The usual reason is to minimise the risk from falling debris but also improve appearance.
  • Ivy Control

  • Removal of ivy is recommended where the tree is likely to be killed by ivy growing over the top.
  • Fruit Tree Management

  • Appropriate pruning and other treatments for fruit trees at all stages of development.
  • Hedge Management

  • Well maintained hedges provide wildlife habitats as well as screening for privacy and security for keeping out intruders, while minimising nuisance to neighbours.
  • Tree Removal

  • When removal is necessary we do it with the least possible disruption, including removal of stumps and replacement planting where necessary, such as when required by the local authority.

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